Welcome to Saint John XXIII
Fontana Parish

Saint John XXIII

St. John XXIII is a Catholic Community formed from the union of the parish Church of the Resurrection, Fontana and the parish Church of St. Thomas Moore, Rialto in July 1, 2006. It is a religious incorporated Church, organized under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation of the State of California. It is a multi-ethnic parish. Fr. Leonard Krzywda, C.R. was the pastor when the parish was founded under the name of Blessed XXIII Catholic Community. He served his pastoral tenure as the first pastor of the parish from 2006 to 2009. In 2009, Fr. Timothy Keppel, C.R. became the second pastor of the parish for a short period of one year (2009-2010). Fr. Rafael Partida succeeded him and was the pastor of Blessed John XXIII from July 2010 to June 2013. In July 2013 he was succeeded by Fr. Cletus Imo who is the current pastor of our parish. It was during the pastorate of Fr. Imo that Blessed John XXIII was proclaimed a saint. From April 27, 2014 when our parish patron was canonized a saint, our parish took on a new name, St. John XXIII Parish Community, Fontana/Rialto. Our parish was represented by 22 pilgrims who travelled to Rome on a ten-day pilgrimage to witness the canonization of St. John XXIII.

The history of the two parishes, Resurrection Fontana and St. Thomas Moore, Rialto that gave birth to St. John XXIII are as follows: